General Stackspace Questions

What is Stackspace?

Stackspace is the fastest and easiest way to launch your choice of big data tools to solve the largest number of data analytics challenges.

Who thought of Stackspace?

Stackspace was designed and built by data scientists for data scientists.

What can I do with Stackspace?

In a few mouse-clicks and a few minutes you can launch, configure, and leverage a variety of big data, analytics, & visualization tools using an intuitive interface to solve you hardest data science challenges, build big data applications, create full data pipelines, or IoT collection and analysis platforms.

Do I still have to wait for requested tools if I use Stackspace?

No more waiting for systems to be manually built and configured. Stackspace automates it for you.

How long do things take using Stackspace?

Using Stackspace, data can be securely ingested and analyzed automatically and in minutes.

Can I launch in the Cloud?

Don’t just launch in the cloud, but launch securely and transparently, retaining control of your data all at the same time.

What can I expect to happen to my organization if it uses Stackspace?

You will free your data science and analytical teams from worrying about infrastructure and systems, and facilitate choice, experimentation, and results using Stackspace.

How do I communicate with Stackspace if I need support or help?

Please email us at info@stackspace.io if you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations. If you would like to set up a more consistent and real-time line of communication we can set up a custom Slack channel for you.

What and where are your Terms and Conditions?

Please visit our terms and conditions page: https://beta.stackspace.io/terms

Stackspace Pricing Questions

How much extra does it cost to use Stackspace?

Zero. There is no additional fee to use Stackspace.

What about my Cloud resources?

Stackspace deploys to your existing Cloud accounts, so you pay for the Cloud resources the exact same way you would as if you were using the Cloud without Stackspace.


What is a Space?

We call a Space, the “Stackspace Forcefield” and it composed of many capabilities that you should take for granted, but most IT Teams spend years creating and Stackspace does automatically in minutes. At its base a Space is your own secure software defined cloud within your infrastructure provider; defined with route tables, subnets, and firewalls already set up using best practices and codified lessons learned from hundreds of customers deployed on the cloud. Stackspace builds and manages your Space for you so you don’t have to waste hours or days doing it yourself. A Space has four functions, it acts as a DMZ to common cyberthreats, Enterprise Monitoring node, Data Flow node, and IP Traffic Log.

What do I need to create a Space?

Once you are logged in, you only need your AWS Credentials and to make up a name for your Space. Your AWS Credentials are your AWS Access Key ID (20 characters) and your Secret Access Key (40 characters).

How do I get my AWS Credentials?

At Stackspace we default to implementing the most secure possible security policies that will allow you to use all the capablities of Stackspace. Please see the first option on the left, Creating AWS User Creds, which will walk you through the complete process.

When will I be able to build a Space in other cloud providers?

We anticipate adding more cloud providers to Stackspace in late 2016.

How can I monitor the health of my Space and Stack?

Stackspace has by default integrated Enterprise level monitoring. To access the monitoring UI simply click on the red “Real-Time Monitoring” icon in the Space Status box at the top of the Space screen. Through the full-featured interactive dashboard you can monitor every node in your Space and all Stacks within that Space.


What is a Stack?

Once you have created your Space, you can create a Stack. A Stack is your choice of Big Data software tools and analytics. With a few clicks your choice of Big Data tools can be provisioned, SW installed, and configured and ready for use in minutes. For detailed information regarding Stack types see below.

What Stacks are currently available?

At this time we provide Stack types that will allow you to build a full scale comprehensive data pipeline from data ingest and storage to data analysis. The software Stacks include: RServer & Shiny, SparklyR, Apache Zeppelin, Apache Spark running on Yarn, Apache Hadoop with Yarn, Apache Ambari, Kafka, Streamsets, Nifi, Elasticsearch, and H2O.

What Stacks will you be making available?

The potential is limitless...we have a prioritized list based on customer requests and launch a new stack about once a month and recently launched a SparklyR within 2-days of its launch! If you have a preference for which Stacks you would like us to include in Stackspace, please let us know over your Stackspace Slack Channel or email us at: info@stackspace.io.


What is EasyIngest?

EasyIngest is an automated way to take your data from its source and ingest it into your Stack so it is ready to analyze in minutes. No more waiting on your infrastructure personnel or data engineers to “prep” data for you. Stackspace EasyIngest can do it for you. For detailed information regarding custom ingest, please email us at info@stackspace.io.